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MBA Project Synopsis Sample l Free Download Synopsis Format

Mba Project Synopsis is just like trailor of movie to tell in brief what the objective of movie. mba synopsis is a brief information about what we are going to do in project report.

MBA project synopsis should not more than 20-40 pages. it should give basic information about company profile, research methodology, objective of study, data collection method, hypothesis of study.

The synopsis should be in the following format.

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This Project topic is very Important for any MBA Finance student. if any student pursuing MBA in finance is have good analytical skill, then he should do his project on Financial anyalsis , in this project the data is too old , therefore the student should only take this project as a reference. this project needs do various financial analsis there for the student should take any company for his project purpose.

To understand the information contained in project report & financial statements with a view to know the strength or weaknesses of the firm and to make forecast about the future prospects of the firm and thereby enabling the financial analyst to take different decisions regarding the operations of the firm.

There are many important financial ratios     Ratios are very handy because they give you a great idea of how a company does in a certain area of business.


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Failure is inevitable if we are to succeed in life. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to overcome failure, and they are stopped by it when they encounter one. The ability to overcome failure is one big difference between successful and mediocre people. After all, we should pass failure on the way to success, so it is the ability to pass it that makes the difference between those who eventually reach success and those who don’t.




So, knowing that overcoming failure is essential, what should we do? Here are some tips to help you overcome failure:

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Enjoy Your Life,You Dont Have One More Chance l Download Free PPT l

There is no sure  way to happiness. Happiness is something that comes and goes, Happiness something that cannot be quantified.

Everyone enjoys life and finds happiness in different ways; Many times we miss to enjoy life just Because of our trobles , problems , Hectic life style.

Through out our busy life we forgot that we dont have one more chance to live this life and no more chance to say sorry  or to say thanks to someone.

Download a free presentation on life “ONE MORE CHANCE”  through below link and share this with your Friends & Family.

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70 things one should know while starting career and during his career.

After years of experience in job and feedbacks from friends in other Company led to following list of things that we should have known and should know when we start our career.

Just add your thoughts on the same to make the list comprehensive guide for better Career.

70 things one should know while starting career and during his career take off time….

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Resume Writing Tips & Download Free Resume Formats

Resumes are designed for one thing, to get you an invitation for an interview! The average employer spends just 20-30 seconds reviewing a resume! Your resume must stand out above the rest to get you an interview. Your resume should be a concise, preferably one page (certainly not more than 2-3 pages), factual and positive listing of your education, employment history and accomplishments. The information in your resume should be relevant and should support your job or career objective directly and your character in general.

Your Resume Should Be:

• A concise and factual presentation of your data

• Focused on your education, accomplishments, strengths, employment history and goals

• An invaluable marketing tool

• Your introduction to a potential employer

• Brief, easy to read, and grammatically well-constructed

• Includes vital statistics, objective, experience, education, activities, and reference

Download Free Resume Samples through below link…

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