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By | March 17, 2013

marketing project report on advertisementIf you are pursuing your management studies in marketing then this is a project report which will help you in your study , Project reports and your job. Creativity in marketing is not easy, it need creative mind , how you can publicize your product different from market and which can influence customer mind.

this project report will surely give you a maximum marks for your project report study , if you do the study seriously.
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Creativity in advertisement project report

“Creativity is seeing something new when you look at something old; it is all heart of civilization and is the driving force of revolution.” – David Ogilvy. It is an accepted fact that there should be an element of creativity in an advertisement. This creativity is something new, unique, extreme attractive and appealing to the consumers. In fact, advertising itself is advertisement creative process. It is the outcome of long-term planning and hard work on the part of the copy writer or artist who prepares the final copy of the advertisement. This is natural as creative ideas do not come over night. They are required to be developed through systematic thinking process.”


1. ADVERTISEMENT 1.1 Origin of advertising 1.2 Impact of advertising 1.3 Role of advertising in marketing mix. 1.3 Advertising and elements of marketing mix 1.4 AIDA Formula in Advertising

2. ADVERTISING AGENCY 2.1 What advertising agency represent? 2.2 Preference for advertising agency: 2.3 Selection of an Advertising Agency:

3. ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN: 3.1 What does it mean? 3.2 Requirement of advertising campaign 3.3 Factor influencing planning of an advertising campaign: 3.4 Procedure for planning advertising campaign: 3.5 The objectives of advertising campaign include:

4. CREATIVITY IN ADVERTISING 4.1 Facts of creativity in advertising Significance of creativity in advertising: 4.2 Impact of Creative advertising: 4.3 Process of creativity Steps to be followed in Creativity process: 4.4 Creative strategy Aspects of Creative strategy: 4.5 Foundation of creative ideas:

5. INNOVATION IN ADVERTISING 5.1 Online Advertisement 5.2 Cinemas as a tool of Advertisement

6. INFLUENCE OF FAMILY IN ADVERTISING 6.1 Changing role of woman in advertising 6.2 Kids rock the advertising world 6.3 Men‟s role in advertising 6.4 Animation in advertising

7. DEGREE OF DIFFERENCE OF ADVERTISING IN REGIONS & MARKETS 7.1 Humor versus dance 7.2 Adapting to cultural difference 7.3 Cultural gap narrowing 7.4 Creativity in rural advertising

8. OTHER ASPECT OF ADVERTISING 8.1 Creative audio advertising 8.2 Colors in advertising 8.3 Creativity on a particular day

9. SURVEY FOR CREATIVE ADVERTISING:- 9.1 Why Surf Excel advertising was the most popular? 9.2 What was so special in the DNA‟s outdoor advertising?




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