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This Project topic is very Important for any MBA Finance student. if any student pursuing MBA in finance is have good analytical skill, then he should do his project on Financial anyalsis , in this project the data is too old , therefore the student should only take this project as a reference. this project needs do various financial analsis there for the student should take any company for his project purpose.

To understand the information contained in project report & financial statements with a view to know the strength or weaknesses of the firm and to make forecast about the future prospects of the firm and thereby enabling the financial analyst to take different decisions regarding the operations of the firm.

There are many important financial ratios     Ratios are very handy because they give you a great idea of how a company does in a certain area of business.


There are many other things to consider like the management and how long they have been in business. Ratios only show you the numbers of a company and possibly it’s not its intrinsic value in the market.

The proper analysis of financial ratio is one of the most important considerations needed in order for you to identify the performance of your company. In addition to that, taking a look at the financial ratio of the company and its financial statements will provide you the idea of how well your corporation has performed in a specific period of time. If the result of the analysis is positive, you can do some measures to further improve the performance of your company in the future. On the other hand, you can device some strategies in order to increase the performance of your company in the event that the result of the analysis of financial ratio is not what you have expected.

First in the list of the financial ratio is Liquidity ratio. When this type of financial ratio is mentioned, this means that it will give you background on the standing of your company to meet its present liabilities. You can tell that there is a positive sign when this financial ratio will reveal you adequate assets needed in paying liabilities.

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