Interview Tips & Techniques l PREPARATION FOR THE INTERVIEW l

By | July 19, 2012


You have done the hard work – you have got an interview, now the final hurdle. Interviews generally look at three key areas:

 Can you do the job?

 Will you fit in with the department and the organisation?

 The employer already has a good idea of your intellect and ability. The interview allows him/her to analyse how you apply your skills and knowledge at work.

Read Below Given Five Techniques it will be more helpful to your Career…


1. Research the job and the employer

 What does the job involve? Refer to the job advert and/or person specification.

 What does the employer do? e.g. what products they make, types of machinery/equipment used. Useful sources include the organisation’s website, a visit to their reception area to pick up brochures and reading relevant trade journals.

 2. Research your own history – refresh your memory

 Write down dates when you started different jobs – what did you do, when and why?  Think about the type of work you will be required to do in the new job (if known) and think how your skills will be useful to this work.

 List your achievements, these can be based on educational, any paid or voluntary work or any social activities. Review these achievements and highlight the skills and knowledge you needed to demonstrate for each achievement.

3. Practice talking positively about yourself

 Can you talk about your skills/achievements and make sense of them for someone who wasn’t there?

 Can you convince someone else that you really want the job, and give good reasons why?

 Prepare some answers to possible questions (see pages 4/5 for examples of questions).

 Back up any statements you make with examples e.g. if discussing a team work task/project, what did it involve doing? Who else was involved in the work? How did you work together and handle any difficulties? What involvement/ responsibilities did you have? How did you benefit from the experience?

4. The importance of presentation

First impressions count, about 70% of first impression comes from your appearance and body language. Personal appearance is something we all take for granted. We forget that other people may be seeing us for the first time and first impressions are very important.

 Are you smartly dressed? Clothes ironed? Shoes cleaned?

 Is your hair clean and neat? Have you shaved?

 Are your fingernails trim and clean?

 Conservative dress is appropriate, don’t make a fashion statement!

 Smile – makes a big difference at the start of an interview

 Make good eye-contact with your employer

 Think about your body language – don’t slouch or sit hunched up

5. Final preparation

 Re-read your application.

 Before and when you go into the interview, imagine that you have been offered the job. Apparently, this type of positive thinking is used by top athletes before a race/contest. By imagining and believing you are successful, it is more likely you will be successful.

 Prepare your own questions to ask at the interview. Jot them down in a note book and take it in with you. This shows that you have done some preparation and means that you don’t have to remember everything.


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