MBA project reports

Download free project reports on FINANCE/MARKETING/HR/OTHERS. now onwards we are going to charge fees for user’s who want customize project , this is a personal request to all  compulsorily give your mobile number while emailing us , so we can get you back asap. most of the time we didn’t reply you because you have not given us your… Read More »

30 Best Resume Formats

Download Best 30 Resume Formats   Writing an impressive resume is not as difficult as one might initially think. The important headings for the content of your resume are your contact information, education and objectives as well as a few others. Because many employers simply scan resumes in a minite, these headings are essential to… Read More »


Download ppt file on  Financial market and Institution What is Financial Market? All institutions and procedures for bringing buyers and sellers of financial instruments together is called financial market. Financial Markets are the markets in which funds are transferred from people who have an excess of available funds to people who have a shortage Financial Markets… Read More »

Tips for Self Management – a strategy for Success

Self management gained wide acceptance in the world. As companies/Institution become more and more competitive. The part of self management is the biggest challenge for providing services and deliver product in time. We are responsible for everything that happens in the life. Learn to accept total responsibility for yourself by self management tips that will… Read More »