Perfect Answer for the Question “Why Should We Hire You?” l

By | April 27, 2012

Everyone in life has to goes through some kind of an interview.

Various questions are cannoned at the interviewee at the interview place. Sometimes an interview can be your greatest nightmare as you might be apprehended by thought of being put to a question you might not be able to answer.

During an interview, an interviewer sometimes can ask some of the weirdest question ever asked in the planet and the answer to such question depends on your knowledge and common sense.

But there is a question which is most frequently asked in any job interview you might have gone through or will be going through in your life and that question is “Why should we hire you?”.


This is a question that even if someone knowing the correct answer might falter at the interview table. So, while answering such a question you should remain calm and not in hurry. Since you know this question from beforehand practicing this question is not a bad idea as it will boost confidence. One important thing to remember while answering this question is that you should not as if you reciting it in front of the interviewer. This narrows your chances of cracking the job.

Now the main question arises how we should answer this question. Well the answer prepared varies from person to person. According to his or her knowledge one frames the answer. The following is one type of an answer which could be provided to your interviewer at the interview table.

You should hire me because me because I am self motivated and team player kind of a person. I try my level best to be to fulfill my responsibilities and bring positivity to the organization and since I have had good past experience I’ll use that in the best possible way to settle in any demanding situation you put me in. In fact I have a quality of being adaptable and have strong working ethics which I follow at the workplace.”

The above is just a small example which gives us an idea that how we should tackle such a question. It is important to mention in your answer your positive personal traits that will be beneficial to the organization. If possible you mention if you have an experience of working in some other place that will make you an asset to the organization and they would always want a candidate like you to be at their side. If you have made any achievement in the past then don’t forget to mention about it. A good communication skill really counts on your side. The interviewers always look for a candidate who really is interested person and your answer should convey that message to him.

A young graduate doesn’t has many thing to tell but it is important to show that you are willing to learn by saying “though I might not count on experience but the knowledge I have gained at the university and the skills that I possess will be very beneficial to the organization. I have the zeal and hunger to learn and adapt from your organization.”


There isn’t any perfect answer to such question because you might not each and every quality which the company desire but you need to play with words in order to make the interviewer cover your weaknesses and your shortcomings under the positives in you through the game of words. l All about MBA’s l Free MBA Projects

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