Project guide Lines for Students of Master of Business Administration

By | April 19, 2012

Project guide Lines for Students of Master of Business Administration

This write up provides you some of the guidelines that are provided to be based on faculty experience. However, in the part two you will be given some more ideas.

The format i can suggest for you is

1) Industry Profile ( you can provide the trends in Indian Retail Industry. Please go through the website of one of the most authentic sources on Industry data)

2) Organization Profile ( you can write about Reliance Industries)

3)Need for study. In this you can explain why out of all the topics yo have chosen Profiling of Reliance Fresh. You should be able the question what you want to achieve and what you mean by profiling.

4) Objectives of study State your objectives in clear term not more than two to three statements.

5) Scope of objectives: In the process of your study, if you have identified some areas that need to be studied please include here.

5) Limitations of study: Here you can state the limitations of your study

6) If you have developed a set of hypotheses you can provide them here.

7) Research Methodology

Clearly state your research objectives. They are derived from your objectives of study.

In order to solve the problem in hand you should first find various secondary data.

The secondary data has to be complemented with your primary data. Therefore write what all the data sources that you have collected and source of primary data.

the next area is what type of research, is it exploratory, descriptive or conclusive. Please remember, in conclusive research you may have to test your hypotheses and should facilitate decision.

Next is what are the research tools you use to reach you objectives have to be given.

Generally in most of the research we use questionnaire method.( you should be knowing the four different types of questionnaires) However, there are other methods such as focus group interviews, word association tests generally not being used in summer project. I suggest usage of such tools that provide better insights in to the data.

Sampling Methodology

1) Sample Unit (please indicate Geographic dimension such as Mumbai north or Maharashtra)

2) Sample Framework

3) Sample Size ( please go through research methodology book to have an idea on how to reach as sample size)

4) Sampling method.

(If your research is based on random sampling please indicate what type of random sampling you have used).

Research Plan

Here you can give the plan you have done for the research in a flow diagram.

Analysis and Interpretation

Please give a table for each of the questions. The table heading is very important.

For each of the item provide a interpretation. Use the word such as from the table we can discern a better word used in research.

Cross tabulations

Here you do the cross tabulation of data and test all hypotheses you have developed.


This is a new heading I am suggesting. Most of the organizations, feel that Research is not providing the needed insights. You have to drill through your data in order to develop insights. Soon I will be writing some examples of developing insights.


In the findings section, write all your inferences and test of hypotheses.

First write all the inferences. Find their connectivity. Then provide an overall picture of your findings.

Suggestions and Recommendations

Here provide suggestions and recommendations based on your research, insights you have developed. Never  do the mistakes of providing generic suggestions such as you have to improve advertisement. It carries no meaning unless you answer the question how, when, where, what, out come expected.

You can be innovative

Here use your knowledge, the research you have done and the insights you gained.


You can conclude in one single page what is the problem and what is your suggestion

Implementation by Organizations

You can give here all the information on suggestions given by you and implemented by organization. If possible provide the benefit received by organization.



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