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By | April 29, 2012

Project Guidelines for Post Graduate Program/ Master in Business Administration

1.     Understanding the significance of a Project Report


Many learners underestimate the significance of a project report and make a mistake of

Thinking that excellent marks can be scored by simply producing a good lay-out. This is

Fundamentally not the case as many projects are graded well below their potential

Because of an indifferent or poor write-up. In order to acquire the right balance, a learner

should consider the aim behind making a good project. It provides the opportunity for a

learner to demonstrate independence and originality, to plan and organize the project

work, and to put into practice some of the techniques a learner has been taught throughout

the program.


2.     Meaning of a Project


The word project actually means something that comes before anything else is done. A

project can be defined as a temporary Endeavour undertaken to achieve a particular aim

or it is a study of factual information for comprehending and applying the various concepts

of the course into practice. In simple words, a project can be understood as mentioned


_ It is a practice of verification or demonstration of concepts or hypotheses or processes


_ It is also a technique of self-learning, learning by doing. It has a practical value.

_ The purpose of project is not to generalize but to study the situation with a practical



3. Application of Research Methodology to Project Work


Institute allows learners to take up any topic of their interest and choice for project work.

However, learners should bear in mind that project topic should be relevant in their area

of specialization. For example, the learners of MBA/PGDBA (Marketing) should carry out their project work only in the functional areas of Marketing or IT learners should select

topics from their area of choice.

Although an illustrative list of the topics is being given at the end in order to give

an idea about project topics or titles of the project, learners are nevertheless advised

not to restrict themselves only to the topics specified.


Steps in Research Process


  • Defining the problem and Project Objectives
  • Designing Project Plan
  • Collecting Data
  • Analysis of Data
  • Interpretation and reporting the findings


4. Project Supervisor (Guide)

Projects can be guided by any Post Graduate degree holder with/without a Doctorate

Degree working in an academic institution (preferably teaching MBA /Management

course) or a person working in the managerial cadre in any industrial/business /IT

organization. Learners must take advice and suggestions from their guides from time to



5. Technical specifications of the project report


_ Paper : A4 size Bond Paper only(11″x 8.5″)

_ Fonts : Times New Roman , 12 font size, ‘1.5’ spacing

_ Margin : Left 35 mm , Right 20mm , Top 35mm , Bottom 20mm

_ Binding : Rexin Black Bound or Plastic & spiral bound

_ First (preliminary)page should have the following information:


i) Top : The Title in BLOCK CAPITALS

ii) Centre : Full name of the student in Capital letters and Registration Number

iii) Bottom : Name of the Institute in Block Capitals, and the Academic year


6. Instructions for the preparation of hard copy of the project report


Learners should note the following important points regarding project work:

_ The title of the project-report should not be the same as the objectives, as there can be

more than one objective for a particular study.

_ Each objective will have at least one or more findings and suggestions.

_ Each objective must have relevant questions in the questionnaire and/or interview


_ Learner must ensure adequate coverage of the topic in general and objectives in


_ Coloured figures/diagrams/graphs/tables will add value to the presentation of the

report. Every table and diagrammatic representation should have a serial number and a



_ Project Report should be of minimum 65 pages for all  one/two year programs. l Free MBA Project Report Downloads l Finance l Marketing l Human Resources


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