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If you are making project report on “Analysis of Financial statement of  XYZ company” then this might useful information for you.

Before Deciding the topic like this , you should know all the basi

Download this file free of Cost and you will get more info on financial ratio’s and financial statements and throught this you can easily analyze any financial statement and make your project report successful…

c types of finacial ratio to analyze the financial Statement of any company.

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Analyzing financial statements is a skill shared by bankers,
investors, bondholders, and stockholders as well as the firm’s managers. Reviewing
and assessing financial information helps us to recognize a company’s strengths and
weaknesses, which leads to good investment strategies and good financial planning.

What You’ll Learn in This Post

The five basic types of financial ratios

How to use financial ratios properly in order to achieve financial growth

When to use specific ratios in different situations

How internally generated financing occurs

The effect of ratio analysis on long-term financial planning

How to read a financial statement

The application of the cost-volume-profit analysis concept

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