Project report on Analysis of Working Capital in Banking (J&K)

By | April 8, 2013

J&K Project reportDownload Project Report On Analysis of Working Capital in Banking (J&K)

by Shameem Ahamad


A project report on Analysis of woriking capital in banking special reference to jammu & Kashmir bank this project report is shared by shameem ahamad.

This finance project report made on study of working capital of bank reference to J & K bank and based on the proecedure of “Analysis of workig Capital in Indian Banking” and detail exposure are given to Working capital of banks.

Introduction to working capital-
Working capital is critical for daily management of cash flows to settle bills, wages and other variable cost. The working capital cycle is the period of time which elapses between the point at which cash begins to be expended on the production of a product and the collection of cash from sale of the product to its customers. Working capital requirements can be financed from both internally generated resources (selling current assets) and externally acquired alternatives (borrowing and securing current assets). In the Indian context of banking, a major part of the working capital requirements are met by bank credit.
As critical part of this project report is three cases of working capital has been taken which are comprehensive enough to cover all the aspects of working .

Downlaod full project report for more.

Contents of Project report:

1. Acknowledgement

2. Declaration

3. Executive Summary

4. Research statement

5. Objective & Methodology

6. Literature Review

7: Data Collection

Chapter-1 Introduction to the Organization

i. Overview of the Industry

ii. Profile of the Organization

iii. Product & Services of J & K Bank

Chapter-2 Conceptual Discussions

i. Introduction to Working Capital

ii. Method of Working Capital Finance

iii. Classification of Working Capital

iv. Managing of Working Capital

Chapter-3 Financial of Working Capital of J&K Bank

Chapter-4 Analysis of Working Capital of J&K Bank

i) Ratio Analysis

ii) Funds Flow Analysis

iii) Budgeting



10.Suggestion and Limitation and References


this project report is shared by  Shameem Ahamad and all creditials are registested & held by him.

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