Tips for Self Management – a strategy for Success

By | December 16, 2012

Self management gained wide acceptance in the world. As companies/Institution become more and more competitive. The part of self management is the biggest challenge for providing services and deliver product in time. We are responsible for everything that happens in the life. Learn to accept total responsibility for yourself by self management tips that will help of “young manage you”


Self management tips :-

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1.       Be a professional to exhibit self-Confidence and self assurance in potential to complete any task.

2.       Give up waiting time forever Have something at all time to work on e. g plan the day work on a report

3.       Get into the habit to finish what you start

4.       Look at every new opportunity as an exciting and new life experience

5.       Be more productive by creating good habit by rejecting bad ones. God habits corral energy into a momentum building rhythm. Bad habits sap energy and drain you,

6.       Do thing with a sense of urgency. Get over thinking, you must do everything yourself.

7.       Live effectiveness in everything you do rather than just sporadically applying time management techniques

8.       View all activities as a challenge

9.       Use your subconscious mind by telling it to do you want. Instead of telling yourself “ I cannot do that very well” say “ i can do this very well”

10.   Schedule short vacation this creates positive deadlines by when you must have completed the project

11.   Make list of accomplishment as you go through the day , they greater than you think

12.   Keep a time log at least every six month to determine exactly where the time is going

13.   Carry a card with your goals written in it and review the foal at least three times a day

14.   As with enthusiasm in all that you do

15.   Operate knowing that there is good in everything. Every cloud has a silver lining look for it.

16.   Whenever you have an important thought though that is not directly related to working. Write it down. Then you will not forget it not distracted by it.

17.   Adopt the principle “live in the now” the current instant is the only time in which in which you have control not the past. Not the future, just now, in this instant.

18.   Occasionally sit quietly and do self assessment of your skills and strength.

19.   Practice being punctual. Others will sense your professionalism

20.   Be a self disciplined. That what adults are supposed to “grow up” to be.

21.   Make a commitment to show some one a specific accomplishment on a certain date. The added urgency will help you fell motivated to have it done

22.   Challenge yourself to do things differently than you have in the past. It provides new ideas and keep you interested

23.   Accept responsibility for your job success and failures. Do not look for a scapegoat.

24.   Practice your personal beliefs. It may be helpful each morning to take 15 minutes together thought and say a prayer

25.   Proactive self determination

26.   Never criticize yourself as having a weakness. There is no such thing. You do not have any weakness, only untapped potential

27.   Talk to yourself. A self using positive affirmation is something that is common among all great achievers. They convince them self that they can accomplish their goals.

28.   Use the self fulfilling prophecy on yourself. Expect yourself succeed.

29.   Be open and ready to make adjustment as things change.

30.   Realize “Energy Begets Energy” acts and energy will flow.

31.   She/he who kills buries opportunities.

32.   Do not get hung-up on trivial details tangents. Stay focused and moving.

33.   Contemplating, mediating on, thinking about, to praying about the activities and success of the work day focuses energy to word the end results.

34.   Network with works  in the organization to stay informed of who is doing what , when and for whom

35.   Streamline you daily routine to do the same thing at the same time in same order. Periodically review for continued effectiveness.

36.   Use even small pockets of the time to make list, write notes and consider ideas.

37.   Think in terms of long term results

38.   Be pleasant all the time- no matter what the situation.

39.   Does it right the first time and you will not have a time later to fix it.

40.   Think it thoroughly then do it.

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