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Creativity in Advertisement – Marketing Project report PDF Download

If you are pursuing your management studies in marketing then this is a project report which will help you in your study , Project reports and your job. Creativity in marketing is not easy, it need creative mind , how you can publicize your product different from market and which can influence customer mind. this project… Read More »


Download the project report on INDUSTRY ANALYSIS REPORT WITH REFERECE TO ICECREAMIDUSTRY This project reports includued the most descriptive information of Ice Cream Industry. SWOT analysis is given for Understanding of project report, if anyone one doing project report on same subject , then this project report will more useful for data collection purpose. Project… Read More »

Finance Project Report on Ration Analysis l Free Download

Download free Project Report on Ration Analysis . Financial ratio analysis is the calculation and comparison of ratios which are derived from the information in a company’s financial statements. The level and historical trends of these ratios can be used to make inferences about a company’s financial condition, its operations and attractiveness as an investment.… Read More »

Summer Intership MBA Project Report Free Download- Portfolio Management And Mutual Fund Analysis

Summer Intership Project Report on “PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND MUTUAL FUND ANALYSIS FOR SBI GROUP” This MBA/BBA/PGP Project report will be helpful to you for preparation a project report on Portfolio Management and Mutual fund analysis for SBI Group. Project Report Deatils: The project on Portfolio Management and mutual fund analysis was carried out in SBI GROUP Wakdewadi, Pune.… Read More »