How to Write a Project Report on Financial Analysis

By | October 27, 2012

This Financial Analysis Project Guidance file is designed to provide guidance and experience in the financial analysis of a company, so student can make a good project report.

Each student is have to assigned a company for this project, and this company is the basis for all reports.

The project consists of progress reports of Company, Financial Quaterly reports of Company , and then a final, comprehensive report.

The final report is a compilation of the all progress reports, with additional information. Students are encouraged to improve the content from then progress reports after receiving instructor feedback, so that the comprehensive report reflects edits and revisions that improve upon the previously submitted reports.

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Students will be graded on each of the  progress report , as well as on the final report. The Financial Analysis Project is 45 percent of the course grade; the progress reports comprise 25 percent of the course grades, whereas the final report comprises 20 percent of the course grade.

General information

(1) All reports must report references, including the data sources.

(2) Graphs must be embedded in the written report as Microsoft Excel charts.

(3) All graphs must have source information with the graph itself, in addition to its listing in the references.

(4) All tables/data/graphs in the reports must be supported by a submitted Microsoft Excel workbook. However, only one workbook may be submitted with a report, so be sure to include all related worksheets within the submitted workbook.

(5) The guidelines for written work are 100-word or 200-word summaries. These are strict maximums, though you may have a summary that is below these limits.

(6) Please be sure to check the syllabus and Blackboard for report deadlines.

(7) If you have to present your report on viva, you must use PowerPoint in your presentation.


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